*Q: What Covid precautions are in place?*

To keep everyone healthy and safe, I've adopted the following protocol:

  • I will wear a mask for the entirety of our in-person interactions/ at your shoot.
  • I will carry and use hand sanitizer before, after, and throughout your session.
  • I will strive to keep a 6 foot distance from you. Some spaces don't allow for that distance, but we can work together to arrange as best as we can for alternative spaces and set-ups.
  • If you or I develop any symptoms, we will cancel and reschedule- with no cancellation fees.  


Q: What if I don't have lots of outfits or lingerie to wear?

No problem! I am all about being resourceful and using what you've got. You can wear your everyday underwear and bras, use t-shirts and tank tops, cover with blankets or sheets, or buy new items if you'd like to. I promise you don't need anything specific or fancy!


Q: I'm apprehensive about intimate images of me being shown, especially online.  What is the protocol for sharing my images? Will other people see them?

I 100% understand any apprehension. I do not share any of your images without your express permission. You will have total control over which images, if any, are shared. It is written into all of my contracts that you have this control over your images. I will not pressure you to share, and it is completely up to you. I edit the images in private; no one but myself sees them until I have your permissions. You get your images in a password protected online gallery. The images that you Okay for publication will be shared on my social media pages (current and any future ones)- Instagram (silt_photography and SkinbySilt) and Skin by Silt Facebook Group. The approved images may also be used for advertisement, use on my website, and other projects.


Q: My house isn't cool enough- where would I even have my session?

I do not have a studio to host your session, so usually I meet you at your place. Your home doesn't need to be "ideal", it just needs to be a space that you are comfortable in! I love photographing people in their own spaces because it adds to the story of your images. If you are still unconvinced or can't get the house to yourself for the day, let's think outside of the box! Do you have a yard, porch, or patio area? Can you ask a friend to borrow a few rooms in their house for a bit? Is there a private or quiet outdoors area that might work? Remember that privacy is key, but get creative with it!


Q: What's the turnaround time for my images?

My current turnaround time for your images is approximately two weeks from the day of your session.


Q: How is this Intimate Portraiture different from Boudoir sessions that I've seen?

"Boudoir photography is a photographic style featuring intimate, sensual, romantic, and sometimes erotic images of its subjects in a photographic studio, bedroom or private dressing room environment, primarily intended for the private enjoyment of the subjects and their romantic partners."- thanks, Wikipedia!

Boudoir Photography is an expression of sexuality, mostly in a bedroom setting. A lot of the time, these sessions are highlighting a sexuality for someone else. Intimate Portraiture includes sexuality, but it is a lot more than that. It's about celebrating your body, highlighting multiple facets of who you are, pushing you to recognize your own beauty, and documenting this specific time in your life. And it is for YOU, not anyone else. Sometimes we will shoot in a bedroom, but I will often shoot in other rooms and outdoors as well.  For a more complete explanation, check out "What Is Intimate Portraiture and Why Is It Important?"

Q: I'm self-conscious about (fill in the blank). Can we avoid that area?

Yes and No. My approach is not to hide things- because stretch marks, fat rolls, cellulite, birthmarks, etc are normal. I want this experience and your images to help you directly address how you feel about your body. I don't think those parts of you are shameful, so I will not try to avoid them. Ultimately, this is about you and your body. I will respect your wishes regarding how you'd like your body to be treated by my camera. However, I ask that you really take the time to process your feelings with your "issue areas". You know where I am coming from, but I respect you and your autonomy, and will respect without judgement your requests on this matter.


Q: That seems like a lot of money. Why does it cost so much?

I understand how much money this is, especially for what is generally deemed nonessential. But I feel very strongly that so many people could benefit from this experience.  I deliberately take a lot of time with each of my clients because it’s important to the experience. I need that time to get to know you, for us to be comfortable with each other, and to be able to photograph you authentically. I charge more so that I can take the time to do this with all the care and consideration you deserve.

The costs cover prep time, shooting time, editing time, and the ability for you to download all of your images without additional costs.

Here are some things we can do if you still don't want to pay for a full session:  

  • Contact me for a Mini Session- less time and images for a less expensive rate. 

  • Keep an eye out for occasional discounted sessions, usually shared on my social pages. 

  • Request a payment plan, so you don’t need to pay the lump sum all at one time.

  • Ask friends and family to contribute to the expense for Birthday or Christmas gifts!


The additional layer is that maybe you’re thinking “this is too much to spend on myself". I hear you and I see you- we tend to be more willing to spend money on other people and their happiness. Let me tell you, though, you are worth it! You deserve to have something for you. Invest in yourself.

Q: Can I bring a friend, for moral support?

Yes, in fact, I encourage it! Having a friend there provides great support for a lot of people. Only bring people that encourage you and make you comfortable, though, because this is important for you to feel at ease! Having a friend or two also helps to make it feel like a party. Unfortunately, with Covid, I do have to limit who is allowed. Please only bring one friend, and someone who is part of your Quarantine Team (aka a roommate, co-worker, family member, or friend who is part of a small group that you see regularly anyway). I will also require that your friend be masked for the entire session.