Celebrating a Baby on the Way with Epic Views

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Nicole&Austin, Hurricane Ridge-1Nicole&Austin, Hurricane Ridge-1

Nicole&Austin, Hurricane Ridge-3Nicole&Austin, Hurricane Ridge-3

Welcome to Port Angeles, where gorgeous mountain views are just a *quick* drive up the mountain.  


And welcome to my life. Living with a house full of Olympic National Park employees means I get to play in the park whenever I want!


*Actually 45 min- 1 hour, but **who's counting**?
**That'd be me, someone who gets very carsick** #worthit




Nicole and Austin got married in 2018. Right now they live approximately 1,200 miles apart. 

From the start of their relationship, they have had to navigate a lot of distance. Nicole works for Olympic National Park and Austin is a Major in the United States Air Force. Currently, Nicole lives in Port Angeles, WA and Austin is stationed in Las Vegas, NV. So when Austin came to visit for a weekend, we made a last minute decision to do a pregnancy session (perks of being roommates with a photographer!).

And at the time of this session Nicole was 26 weeks (5 months) pregnant... In the middle of a pandemic...

These two keep taking on whatever is thrown at them.

Nicole&Austin, Hurricane Ridge-4Nicole&Austin, Hurricane Ridge-4 Nicole&Austin, Hurricane Ridge-5Nicole&Austin, Hurricane Ridge-5 Nicole&Austin, Hurricane Ridge-11Nicole&Austin, Hurricane Ridge-11 Nicole&Austin, Hurricane Ridge-17Nicole&Austin, Hurricane Ridge-17
Nicole&Austin, Hurricane Ridge-10Nicole&Austin, Hurricane Ridge-10 Nicole&Austin, Hurricane Ridge-18Nicole&Austin, Hurricane Ridge-18
(Redo) Nicole&Austin, Hurricane Ridge-39(Redo) Nicole&Austin, Hurricane Ridge-39 (Redo) Nicole&Austin, Hurricane Ridge-42(Redo) Nicole&Austin, Hurricane Ridge-42   (Redo) Nicole&Austin, Hurricane Ridge-37(Redo) Nicole&Austin, Hurricane Ridge-37



During our session, I didn't feel any of the tough stuff. It just felt like these two were having fun and loving some time together. It felt like a date night. Plus one third wheel...Shoutout to Austin for cramming the back of the car so I could have the front seat! One or both of them were laughing in almost every single picture.



I love that. 

Nicole&Austin, Hurricane Ridge-48Nicole&Austin, Hurricane Ridge-48 Nicole&Austin, Hurricane Ridge-25Nicole&Austin, Hurricane Ridge-25
Nicole&Austin, Hurricane Ridge-34Nicole&Austin, Hurricane Ridge-34 Nicole&Austin, Hurricane Ridge-50Nicole&Austin, Hurricane Ridge-50 Nicole&Austin, Hurricane Ridge-56Nicole&Austin, Hurricane Ridge-56 Nicole&Austin, Hurricane Ridge-58Nicole&Austin, Hurricane Ridge-58


Friends, Roommates, Snack Pals

Nicole and I have been roommates three different times in three different houses (that's only scratching the surface of life as a seasonal worker... for those who are wondering). This time, it's in her house! She has always been an extremely generous person, and I owe her a lot. We steal each other's decaf coffee (when one of us is pregnant and one of us is trying not to have another cup of caffeine). And then we share creamer when one of us inevitably runs out. We bond most over our shared love of snacks. It's always more fun to sneak snacks when you have a partner is crime to do it with. It's been my great honor to make her "pregnancy cookies" (aka choc-oat-chip) as my contribution to her pregnancy well-being. 

Nicole is always giving and sharing. We like to talk behind her back about how wonderful she is. She is also full of interesting tidbits that you have to pry out of her. She graduated from the Air Force Academy. She worked as a whitewater raft guide. She has lived in 7 different states. I'm five years of friendship in, and I'm sure there is more that she hasn't shared. She's an incredibly gifted person, and she's gonna be an incredible mother. 

(Redo) Nicole&Austin, Hurricane Ridge-67(Redo) Nicole&Austin, Hurricane Ridge-67 (Redo) Nicole&Austin, Hurricane Ridge-71(Redo) Nicole&Austin, Hurricane Ridge-71

On our drive down from the Ridge we saw a black bear! And then we got milkshakes and fries; the best way to end a session!

Nicole&Austin, Hurricane Ridge-71Nicole&Austin, Hurricane Ridge-71


Nicole and Austin Pregnancy Vibe= Things are weird. We got this!

Nicole's Vibe= Consistent and lovely, like your daily cup of morning coffee on the porch

Nicole&Austin, Hurricane Ridge-69Nicole&Austin, Hurricane Ridge-69


Cheers to Nicole, Austin, and soon to be kiddo! Thanks for reading and come back soon!




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