Intimate Portraits of A Sensual Intellectual

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When I met Audrey, I felt her energetic declaration of herself. 

I first met Audrey at her friend's session; she was there as friend, hype-woman, and encourager.  She also was really kind and made sure that I was eating and drinking enough while shooting :) I was super pumped when she scheduled a session because I got the sense that our body philosophies and goals aligned. 

We had an awesome chat about body politics, shame, sexuality, and experiences around our bodies. When I asked about her relationship with her body she responded that her current state is the result of a purposeful journey. She is bold, open, and unapologetic. You definitely feel her presence in the room as she comfortably claims her space and speaks her mind. 

Audrey Brown, Intimate-32Audrey Brown, Intimate-32


In her own words, Audrey is someone who "explores the realms of somatic and sexuality and connection to our own bodies and the Earth." We agreed that her session needed to be about the experience as much as about the resulting photos. So she did it up! We had lattes in the morning, followed by champagne and a charcuterie board she made for herself, incense, and flowers. She also brought her baby-sitting-for-the-pandemic cutie Paris to be part of the fun.


Audrey Brown, Intimate-9Audrey Brown, Intimate-9 Audrey Brown, Intimate-18Audrey Brown, Intimate-18 Audrey Brown, Intimate-3Audrey Brown, Intimate-3

As you can see, Audrey's studies include lots of cool books. In true Audrey fashion, she gave me a book at the beginning of our session.

It's called "The Body is Not An Apology" by Sonya Renee Taylor, and I highly recommend it to everyone!

Audrey Brown, Intimate-10Audrey Brown, Intimate-10 Audrey Brown, Intimate-16Audrey Brown, Intimate-16

Audrey Brown, Intimate-42Audrey Brown, Intimate-42



Audrey's determination to embody her sexuality was so fun to be around.  And that sexuality was deeply intertwined with a grounded connection to the earth. When talking about exploring that, she keep saying wild things like "the earth normalizes my body" and thinking about "the sensuality of working within nature". Far out and very cool! 


Audrey Brown, Intimate-47Audrey Brown, Intimate-47












Audrey's Vibe = Sensual Powerhouse

Audrey Brown, Intimate-46Audrey Brown, Intimate-46

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